Covid-19 like symptoms could conceivably be caused by laptops with AMD(tm) 4000 series CPUs due to presence of PCI Express 4.0 connections


Goran Dakov


Basic reasoning


The AMD(tm) 4000 series CPU (called APU by AMD) supports the PCI Express 4.0 interconnect. This interconnect operates at 16 Gbps per link with 10/8 encoding, which means the operating frequency reaches 10 Ghz. At such frequency, the wavelength is 3.3333 cm. Thus half the wavelength is about 1.667 cm. Since the human trachea, connecting the lungs to the throat, has an inner diameter between 1.5 and 2 cm (wikipedia), and is hollow on the inside, it could form a waveguide resonator. This means that the amplitude of the incoming radiation would get boosted and could conceivably exceed safety levels. This could explain the dry cough symptom. Also, the AMD 4000 series CPUs were released on 16 March 2020, which is close to the time the COVID-19 cases started growing. There is a x4 PCI Express link connecting between the CPU and chipset. An m.2 drive could also use PCI Express 4.0 connection as such drives are available on the market and the CPU supports PCI Express 4.0.