Heptane Computer Processor

The heptane computer processor is a project to create a very fast computer processor in verilog harware description language, which will execute 6 instructions per clock cycle and will run at above 2GHz if implemented on a modern chip process. It will be designed with ease of translation to x86/x64 arhitecture, and have about 80% native performance software translator for it. It will target the x86/x84 market via translation and also will feature native mode operating systerms. 
In practice, it could be used for:
High performance tablet (single core).
High performance laptop (dual core).
High performance desktop.
Servers and cloud.

It will be available for licensing once it's ready.
Check out more detailed description here:

Before starting the heptane project, I had written another, scalar risc processor, which i'm releasing as open source.


Kickstarter Campaign (failed):

Currently the instruction set is finalised except some minor details like exception/interrupt handling and numbers.

GCC porting has started!
GAS assembler already assembles some instructions. As of may 2017, the Heptane CPU can execute loads,ALU operations and branches. This functionality has been tested on an infinite loop of a loop that sums integers from memory. After warmup of the branch predictor, the CPU sustained 7.5 out of 9 IPC. This is mainly due to there being one branch misprediction per inner loop. After the misprediction, it did execute at 9 IPC.
As of november 2017, the Heptane CPU can in addition execute stores that don't hit the disambiguiator or load-store forwarding.
As of february 2017, the Heptane CPU can in addition execute simple load-store forwarding that is a full match (address and size).
As of July 2018, the Heptane CPU can do more advanced store-to-load forwarding. Also, integer SIMD is working.
Floating point addition completed, including special cases. Special cases not yet tested.
The heptane processor will now allow derrivative works. However, physical implementations will require additional permission from me.
Source code unpublished but can be given upon request if serious intentions.
As of July 2019, the IPC will be 6 rather than 9.
Floating point unit completed.
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