Heptane Computer Processor

The heptane computer processor is a project to create a very fast computer processor in verilog harware description language, which will execute 9 instructions per clock cycle (as oposed to 4 by famous big company) and will run at above 2GHz if implemented on a modern chip process. It will be designed with ease of translation to x86/x64 arhitecture, and have about 80% native performance software translator for it. It will target the x86/x84 market via translation and also will feature native mode operating systerms. 
In practice, it could be used for:
High performance x86_64 tablet (single core).
High performance x86_64 laptop (dual core).
Desktop x86_64(quad/six core).
Servers and cloud (native and x86_64).

It will be available for licensing once it's ready.
Check out more detailed description here:

Before starting the heptane project, I had written another, scalar risc processor, which i'm releasing as open source.

The CPU will have a version of the firmware and dynamic translator released as Open Source. There will also be a proprietary version.


Kickstarter Campaign (failed):

GCC porting has started!
As of may 2017, the Heptane CPU can execute loads,ALU operations and branches. This functionality has been tested on an infinite loop of a loop that sums integers from memory. After warmup of the branch predictor, the CPU sustained 7.5 out of 9 IPC. This is mainly due to there being one branch misprediction per inner loop. After the misprediction, it did execute at 9 IPC.
As of november 2017, the Heptane CPU can in addition execute stores that don't hit the disambiguiator or load-store forwarding.